Eight Antiques That Are Surprisingly Valuable

Most of us have attics or basements filled with old things that we’ve been intending to donate or throw off but simply haven’t gotten around . Over time, the majority of us will wind up inheriting things from family members and friends that slowly begin to take up a great deal of space in our homes. Come time for spring cleaning, you can not be blamed for simply wanting to throw everything away. Before you do this, however, you might choose to be certain that you’re not getting rid of any potentially valuable antiques. The crucial thing is to understand what things to search for, and then to take any items you have questions relating to a respectable appraiser. Here are some of the items that experts suggest may be valuable.


Samplers and quilts in the 19th century can be worth quite a lot of cash, even if they’re damaged or torn.

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Just because jewelry isn’t made of precious stones does not mean it is not valuable. Old costume jewelry is often of special interest to classic clothing shops. Every once in a while, an appraiser may find a piece that is actually quite valuable.

Signed Letters

Hand-signed letters were a lot more prevalent in the past than they are now, so be sure that you go through all your old newspapers for correspondence out of any notable figures. Letters from previous presidents for involvement in various programs are a terrific example of papers that can go for a small fortune!

Leather-Bound Books

Sterling Silver

The melt significance of sterling silver is fairly high right now, so if you’ve got old silverware that you are not especially fond of, look at selling it.

Tin Toys Vintage are of special interest and value to collectors. In case your pocket watch is wound with a secret, you’re taking a look at a much bigger payday.

Mid-Century Furniture

Most reproduction pieces aren’t worth a whole lot, but high quality designs in the 50s and 60s are extremely popular at this time and can sell for a long time.

Vinyl Records

If your vinyl records are in good shape and in their original sleeves, then you are in luck. Collectors are willing to pay even bigger bucks if the documents are sealed.

In the end, it is important to note that any ethical appraiser will counsel you on the best way to market your antiques, instead of try to get them from you on the spot. Additionally, it is vital to remember that the value of many of these antiques is dependent upon the industry demand.