Eight Antiques That Are Surprisingly Valuable

Most people have attics or basements full of old items that we have been intending to donate or throw away but simply haven’t gotten around to. Over time, the majority of us will wind up inheriting things from family members and friends that gradually start to take up a great deal of room in our homes. Come WWII OPA Ration Token for spring cleaning, you can not be blamed for simply attempting to throw away everything. Before you do this, however, you might choose to make certain you’re not eliminating any potentially valuable antiques. The key is to know what to look for, and then to choose any items you have questions relating to a reputable appraiser. Below are a few of the things that experts suggest may be valuable.


Samplers and quilts in the 19th century could be worth quite a great deal of money, even if they are torn or damaged.

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Just because jewelry isn’t made of precious gems doesn’t mean it is not valuable. Old costume jewelry is often of unique interest to vintage clothing stores. Every once in a while, an appraiser can get a piece that’s truly quite valuable.

Signed Letters

Hand-signed letters were far more common in the past than they are today, so make sure to go through all of your old newspapers for correspondence out of any notable figures. Letters from previous presidents for participation in different programs are a terrific instance of newspapers that may go for a small fortune!

Leather-Bound Novels

Sterling Silver

The melt value for sterling silver is pretty high right now, so if you have older silverware that you are not particularly fond of, look at selling it.

Vintage Watches

Pocket watches are of particular interest and value to collectors. In case your pocket watch is wrapped with a secret, you are taking a look at an even bigger payday.

Mid-Century Furniture

Most reproduction pieces aren’t worth a whole lot, but high-quality layouts in the 50s and 60s are extremely popular at this time and can sell for quite a bit.

Vinyl Records

If your plastic records are in good shape and in their original sleeves, you are in luck. Collectors are willing to pay even larger bucks in case the records are sealed.

In the end, it’s important to be aware that any ethical appraiser will counsel you on the best method to sell your antiques, instead of attempt to get them off of you on the spot. It’s also vital to remember that the value of many of these antiques depends on the industry demand.